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Obviously if you are here, you are either a Z-car fan or at least thinking of becoming one.  You are probably at least interested in Nissans latest entry into the affordable sports car market, the Z34 370Z.  The 370Z is the latest iteration of the Z car, the seventh generation in fact, of a long line of models starting with the S30 240Z back in 1970READ ON!


370Z Magazine

The community surrounding 370Z.com is centered around our magazine.  Our magazine was established to be the leading technical resource for the Nissan 370Z on the internet.  Our staffers include established authors in the Nissan Technical community, experienced racers, car builders and ex Nissan and Nismo engineers.  We are hardcore enthusiasts. We hope to provide you with the best online technical 370Z experience.  Period.


Join our community!  Our forum is meant to be a place where Nissan 370Z related ideas are exchanged, problems solved, group meetings arranged and issues discussed.  It is also a fun place where you can meet other like minded 370Z enthusiasts.  An Automotive engineer on our staff checks the forum almost daily and will strive to answer 370Z related technical questions accurately and to moderate the tech sections of the forum.