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We Launch MotoIQ, The high signal to noise ratio on-line  tuner magazine!

I am excited to announce that our sister site is live!  motoIQ is the merge of magazine quality journalism with the nimbleness of the internet. Check out our in depth tech, interesting features and stories from the tuner world like you used to read in Sport Compact Car and Turbo, the stuff that you miss reading and can't find. Best of all its free with no subscription cost. If you are interested in the 370Z you will love motoIQ!  Sign up today

Hope to see you there!

-Mike Kojima Editor

Nissan 370Z killer bee on dyno

Nissan 370Z 6-Speed Manual Transmission Parts Dyno Test, We Test Stillen's Exhaust System and High Flow Cats With Technosquare's ECU Reflash

by Mike Kojima

For our test mule, we used the Killer Bee, the yellow 370Z that was our May feature car. The Killer Bee is a sports package 6-speed manual transmission 370 that was returned to stock for our evaluation. We will be evaluating more parts on the Killer Bee in the near future so stay tuned! In stock trim the Killer Bee slung out 262 whp at 7000 rpm and 210 lb/ft of torque at 4600 rpm. The VQ37VHR engine exhibited the typical wide flat torque curve and nice linear power curve that the VQ37VHR is becoming renowned for.

Modded Nissan 370Z  Digital Drawing

TeaZer!  Part 3 of "Build Your Own 370Z"

by Charlie Barnes


Nissan 370Z forums

New! Upgrades Forums Staff Report

In response to our uses requests, has upgraded our forums to help build our community of hard core 370Z lovers.  To set us apart from the other 370Z forums we will strive to keep our 370Z forum a high signal to noise ratio, friendly place for the 370Z enthusiast.   Our highly qualified and experienced staff will work to give the true no BS answers to a lot of the questions 370Z enthusiasts may raise about a myriad of subjects. Unlike the other forums, we have inside technical connections with Nissan, Nissan Motorsports, Nismo and the Nissan Performance aftermarket.

Our upgraded forum now features the same interactive functions as popular forum formats with a much more intuitive, easy to use format. Please feel free join our community and enjoy!

 -The staff

2011 Nissan 370Z hybrid sports carNissan to launch hybrid 370Z sports car in 2011? (updated, new info! 5/28/09)  by Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z hybrid will be powered by a version of the VQ engine displacing 3.7 liters and an electric motor. A hybrid drive system will use two separate clutches, one between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor with another clutch between the electric motor and the drive wheels. This system will optimize performance and efficiency depending on operating conditions. The new hybrid system will also feature a full plug in EV mode for city type conditions where charging stations are available to maximize economy.


Nissan 370Z VQ37VHR VVEL system

Nissan’s 370Z VQ37VHR Cylinder Head and VVEL Continually Variable Cam Timing Technology(NEW VIDEO)  by Mike Kojima

The unique VVEL system completely controls the intake valves opening and closing events. The VVEL system is exceedingly complicated using two separate rotating shafts driving links that operate eccentrics activating a valve activating reciprocating rocker arm that takes the place of the traditional cam lobe. Feature: The KillerBee Feature: The KillerBee(NEW VIDEO!)  by Jeff Naeyaert

The beginning of a project often begins with a disaster. The owner of this Nissan 370Z was previously into Mitsubishi EVO’s having a nice example of an EVO IX. The EVO was totaled in an unfortunate rear ender leaving our owner with a chance to pursue a new dream with a brand new car.  READ ON!


Dyno test 370Z Stillen exhaust, Stillen cold air intake, Beck high flow cats, Technosqaure ECU reflashNissan 370Z Auto Tranny Performance Part Dyno Thrash-a-thon!  We Test Stillen's cold air intake, exhaust, Berk high flow cats, Technosquare ECU reflash by Mike Kojima

We strove for accuracy and repeatability in our testing. We did all of our testing during one day. We used standard SAE correction. We thoroughly warmed up the VQ37VHR engine and the drivetrain by driving the car on the dyno at speed for about 10 minutes to warm the engine, transmission and differential oil (this car is equipped with Technosquare’s oil cooler kit) as well. 

Nissan Nismo 370ZNissan's 350 hp Nismo 370Z Model Due in June! 

by Sarah Forst

The Nismo 370Z is not only a looker but as you would expect from Nismo, has functional performance improvements over the base 370Z as well. The Nismo 370Z comes with an exclusive, unique and functional body kit that is not available as a Nismo accessory at the dealership. The wind tunnel tuned and racing-inspired body lines are fierce with sculptural fenders, upswept quarter windows, vertical door handles, and aluminum hood, door panels, and hatchback.

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Are there any aftermarket turbo kits available for the VQ37VHR?

Jorge Medina
Corona, CA

It's no small feat trying to assemble a turbo kit for an engine with a high 11.0:1 compression ratio, but you are in luck.  Although other companies are working on putting together a forced induction product, GTM is the only one that currently offers a complete turbo kit for the VQ37VHR- a twin turbo kit that includes everything you need to get boosted from the Garrett ball bearing water and oil cooled turbochargers to a bar and plate intercooler rated up to 1000 horsepower.  READ ON!


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