Darn alcantara - I rather have leather
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25 Jun 2012 11:06 AM  
I've owned my 370Z for less than one month, so I'm still at the paranoid stage about every little possible issue with the car. The other day, I noticed that the alcantara on the driver's seat looked a little scruffy near the seam joining the piece at the front and the piece at the back. By "scruffy", what I mean is that while the rest of the alcantara on the seat looks relatively smooth, the "hairs" or "fibres" near the seam almost look longer or raised (as if someone forgot to trim it before installing on the car). The car is my daily driver, but I haven't done any spirited driving in it so my butt hasn't been sliding around the fabric too much. (I did notice, however, that the seam is approximately where I have my wallet in my backpocket.) I've also gently wiped the seat with a damp J-cloth, but I doubt the issue is due to this, because I wiped the entire seat and this scruffy/fuzzy stuff appears at just the seam portion.

Most people might not even notice this issue if I didn't point it out, so I might just be a bit paranoid. But, I would feel much better if I hear from other members this is just normal wear and tear as opposed to being caused by something I wasn't suppose to do. Help, anyone?

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