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Cat sound when crossing Edinger while driving on Brookhurst in Fountain Valley CA
Last Post 18 Apr 2011 08:13 PM by Leo. 0 Replies.
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18 Apr 2011 08:13 PM  

Me and a friend have two of the very first 370z coupe that got sold in California.
When crossing Edinger while driving on Brookhurst in Fountain Valley, CA, there is a loud cat sound that come out of the car speakers.

Here is the extent of the testing we have done:

- 2 of the first 370z sold in California both equipped with navigation system produced the cat sound when crossing the intersection (every time no exception).
- We then tested with the music sound to zero, the cat sound is produced anyway and is fairly loud. (If the radio sound is up then the radio sound is deemed as if the navigation systems was about to make an announcement but instead cat sounds come out)
- The final test was with an early 2010 370z convertible with navigation system and that one did not produce the cat sound at all.

I brought that up to Nissan Buena Park dealership while my car was being serviced and they did not take me seriously, almost laughed at me and as I insisted that this is an issue that is annoying and needs to be fixed by Nissan they came close to being disrespectful. (I was planing on getting an SUV from them later this year I am definitely re-considering that now...)

Bottom line is: this is an issue that affects specifically the very firsts 370z Coupe sold (probably only the ones that are equipped with navigation system).

I am now looking for other owners that might have run into this issue too or even better people that might have the solution to the problem.

My next step is to take contact with Nissan Corp but I am hoping someone here has the solution to the problem though.

Thanks and Happy Motoring!

PS: I have recorded a few videos (with various configuration i.e. bluetooth on and off, etc...) of this problem where you can here the cat sounds. I plan on showing them to the dealer so they can see I am not crazy. I have not uploaded the videos anywhere but if anyone wants to take a look I could upload them to Youtube. I am clearly hoping for a solution as this is very disappointing and also starting drive me nuts. Not to mention being brushed off by the dealership.
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