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Could use help following a convertible top replacement...
Last Post 03 Nov 2013 05:54 PM by web_creator. 0 Replies.
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03 Nov 2013 05:54 PM  
I have discovered that my old 350 and now the 370 has a mechanical part in the convertible hood that rubs a hole in the fabric. I bought the 350 used and it was too late, but this time the 370 was new and it happened in time to catch the warranty. As a result the dealer replaced my top.

But what a problem that has been. They used an outside service and when it was installed, I can now see metal under the fabric interior when I sit in either seat and look back at the point where the interior of the mobile roof meets the interior of the car body. I confess I didn't expect this and did not look to see what it looked like before but don't recall that I could see any of the mechanicals under the interior fabric, unlike in my old 350Z. The dealer has taken it back and is going to work it themselves now and I may have to get the regional representative involved. Dealer is not being a pain and wants to help but they don't have the model on the lot as of the fall season and top replacement is not a big issue it appears so they don't really know.

Is there any possibility that someone could shoot a pic of their interior convertible, focusing on the inside side area, just at the point behind/beside the arched guards where the seat headrest is? I know it is a weird question, but could really use the help.

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